January 17, 2021

"Every Single Day" Summit

Welcome, Speakers! 


On the 17th of each month in 2021, we're hosting a (virtual, online) summit. 

Each month will be a different theme. 

This month is: "Every Single Day" or habits, creating regular habits. 

10 Minutes to See if This is Your Thing

Welcome (Potential) Speakers!

If you'd like to dig in deeper, you can check out book #2 in the series: Every Single Day. To have a peek at the entire 11-book series, it's here: Repossible Book Series.

Industry Experts & Success Stories

Got habits?

It's a new year, the summit is scheduled for January 17, 2021. People are creating the famous "New Year's Resolutions" that they'll probably break by Febuary. 

How can we help? What can we teach them to help the habits stick? 

Do you have experience with teaching habits? Writing about it? Even just a fantastic personal anecdote about a habit story? 

Or even: just starting out? Even that, even just being on Day 1 when someone else is on Day 0, you inspire them.

Let's talk. 

Speaker Benefits & Requirements

What you'll get (well, you know, ideally)

Speaker Benefits

Exposure to New Fans


Sure, you'll share with your people but the other speakers will be sharing with their people. #newaudiences

40% Commission


From every "All Access Pass" purchase made through your unique affiliate link, you'll earn 40%. 

It's not a tax accounting summit


This about failing, laughing with but also AT ourselves. We're better together and we're even better laughing together. 

What you'll give

Speaker Requirements

You have experience


You have a "Create" story to share. Maybe you were stuck and you got unstuck by "forcing" it. You had a breakthrough--but it wasn't the one you were expecting. You have a story to share to inspire. 

Less than 20 minutes


Let's hop on Zoom, record a conversation, less than 20 minutes (of video actually used) and we're done here. 

Spread the word


The word about this summit will only go as far as we spread it. We'll help you with graphics and swipe copy but we need you to want to share this with your audience, too. 

Want to be a part of the Repossible Summit?

Let's Talk

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Previous Repossible Speakers

From Start Up to Stand Up

Rich Robinson

 Rich pulls from his stand-up comedy experience to the start-up world to brighten the world one entrepreneur at a time. He brings his stand-up to the start-up.

Poetry to Film

Sudhanya Mallick

"Empowered from within," Sudhanya will show us how she took poetry, combined it with music, a bit of easy-to-learn video editing, and created a 2-minute poetic film. 

Love Will Find a Way

Emily Roblin

An expert, keynote speaker, moderator or MC at high profile events, leadership summits, conferences, but really, it comes down to just LOVE? Yes.

What color is the grass?

Nicoline Huizinga

By definition, you can't get a "third-party" perspective from yourself. Nicoline knows the questions to ask, who should ask them, and what to do with the answers. 

From Stage Fright to Stage Fight

Cora Hollander

She speaks, she sings, she writes, and she has a 3-step process to go from a whimpering poodle to a proud songbird.  

Seemingly Insignificant

Bradley Charbonneau

You know when the rockstar invites you onstage to sing in front of 80,000 screaming fans and that moment will catapult your career into the galaxy? Me either. Let's catapult the rest of us.


The 17th


Every Single Day

Daily habits, weekly rituals, monthly reminders. How do we change our behavior on a regular basis to bring on lasting change?



You could sing, paint, speak, record, but one way to get your ideas out into the world is to write. 

(Part of the "Authorpreneur" Series: Write, Publish, Market.)



You've written your book. It's time to get it out into the world. 



Yay, you're done with your book! Oh, wait. You wanted to get it into the hands of people other than Aunt Zelma? It's time to Market. 


Boost Your Brand with a Book

How's that book marketing going? We're hosting a 6-week, hands-on program where we're going to take out book and market it like it's going out of style.*

* It isn't.

June -- December

Got Ideas?

How will we round out the year? Got some ideas? Let us know.

Questions or ideas?

This is our first summit but nowhere near our last. While on that topic, the idea is to have one summit per book and then keep having those summits that are most in demand. 

Whaddya think of them apples? Got some more ideas?